Sony BDV-N9900W

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The Sony BDV N9900W home theatre is an advanced system that increases your entertainment quotient by many folds. As it is compatible with Blu-ray discs, apart from DVDs, CDs and VCDs, you can expect the 5.1 channel home theatre system to deliver an exceptional picture quality.


  • High-resolution Audio Capability
  • Cinema Studio 9.1ch
  • Digital Music Arena Mode
  • Virtual Football Mode
  • NFC One-Touch Mirroring & One Touch Listening
  • Control your music with SongPal Mobile App
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Home Entertainment
                 Hi-Res Audio  
        Cinema-like Sound In Your Home
                 9.1 Channel  
                 Concert Hall Sound
                 Digital Music Arena 
           Football Stadium Atmosphere
                 Football Mode 
         The Convenience Of One-touch
        Intuitive Control Of Your Music

How Your Music Should Sound

High-Resolution Audio takes your listening enjoyment to thrilling new
heights. Offering better than CD-quality (44.1kHz/16-bit), the superior
sound reveals subtle details and nuances within the music, that you’d
normally only hear at the recording studio or live performance.


Cinema-like Sound In Your Home

You can now achieve the perfect movie theatre sound space
with a 9.1-channel surround sound system that adds a
“front-high” sound effect. Immersive home cinema surround
sound has never been so complete.

by adding
“Front-High” sound

Concert Hall Sound

Advanced DSP technologies bring voices, instruments and effects to life with unprecedented detail. Using advanced
analysis techniques, Sony engineers painstakingly measured the distinctive audio fingerprint of the O2 London Arena.
A Sony home cinema system takes this unique signature and places you in the best seats in the house.

Football Stadium Atmosphere

Football Mode enhances your football viewing with atmospheric
wrap-around sound. Using acoustic data captured at the Brazilian Morumbi
football stadium, Football Mode immerses you in the atmosphere of the
game. Switch to Narration Off* mode and you can cut out the commentary
so you can enjoy the game as if you were actually there.

*Narration Off is only available on BDV-N9200W/WL, BDV-N8100W, BDV-N7200W
and BDV-N5200W.

The Convenience Of One-touch

Just tap your NFC-enabled Xperia™ to your Blu-ray™ Home Theatre player and a wireless connection is
established instantly. Now you can view your smartphone videos, photos, apps and games, supersized on the TV
screen. With a tap of your NFC-enabled smartphone, you can stream songs wirelessly via Bluetooth® and enjoy
your music through the superior surround sound of your Blu-ray™ Home Theatre speakers.


Intuitive Control Of Your Music

Using the free Sony SongPal™ app, you can access music content on your
smartphone (including music streaming services like Spotify™) and enjoy it with
enhanced sound through your Blu-ray™ Home Theatre Systems’ speakers. Using
NFC, Bluetooth® or Wi-Fi, you can now stream songs from your wireless devices and
hear them in surround sound through your home theatre system.

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